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I love the look on that woman's face!

I hope you got a kick out of my version of that "back of the comic book" advertisement. I had fun putting it together. I admit that nobody is ever going to get rich selling banjo and mandolin instructional material. I get that. But let me explain why I put this affiliate marketing plan in place.

• It is a good way to enlist the help of my friends and customers to spread the word about my instructional materials and at the same time spread the music. "Banjo and Mandolin Instructor" probably gets some chuckles from the IRS every year when I file my taxes, but without folks like me--crazy enough to choose this career path--huge piles of instructional material would not exist.

And I am not the only one. Probably the author of every decent instructional book you own, or many of the CDs and records, was created by a guy or gal like me who didn't follow the traditional career path. To survive and continue doing this requires bravery and help from my friends like you!

You earn a 20% commission of the selling price whenever someone follows one of your links to purchase a lesson or ebook. Your commission is paid into your PayPal account as soon as a person completes a purchase.

What do you need in order to participate?

• A desire to help me spread the word about my instructional materials, ebooks and video lessons. I don't have the resources for big ad campaigns and my own satisfied students are the best advertising in the world!

• A desire to make some money. (If you don't want to make money (?) take the money and drop it in your offering plate at church, buy some of my stuff, or give it to some homeless guy. But, most of us want to make a little cash, right? Maybe you'll make enough to get your lessons for free or to buy a couple of sets of strings. Who knows? But, it's like walking down the street and seeing a five dollar bill on the sidewalk. Why not pick it up?

• You will need a PayPal account. My affiliate program is managed by and they send you the affiliate commission via PayPal. So, you need a PayPal account.

• After you become an affiliate you'll copy and paste links (your own personally coded links) in places like Twitter, Facebook, forum posts, YouTube comments, etc. When a person follows a link and makes a purchase, you get paid by if they make a purchase.

Got a blog? Maybe you're active on a Facebook group? Got a website? Publish a newsletter? Imagine what Matt Drudge could make if he stuck a link on Drudge Report? Well, you might not be that big. Maybe you are just going to email the link to your Uncle Carl in Tulsa. You still get paid when Uncle Carl makes a purchase. Pretty sweet.

All you have to do is sign up as my affiliate is to click on this link:

After you sign up I'll be notified and I will "approve" your affiliate status. Then you can begin spreading the word and getting paid! Here is a video which Payhip created which explains the program in more detail: (This video is designed to explain the program to sellers like me, but contains a lot of good information to help you understand it.)

I think this is one of those win-win-win situations. You win by picking up some extra money and getting that warm fuzzy feeling helping other people. I win so that I can keep doing this, create with new products, and keep the lights and internet hosting up and running, and the purchaser wins too because, just between you and me, I think my material is pretty good stuff and a good value.

If you agree, get on board! I appreciate your help. Like the ad says "The more you share, the more you earn." In life, that is true in so many ways.

Thank you,

Bradley Laird 

P.S. You will be able to promote "all" products which includes everything I offer on Payhip, all videos, ebooks, etc. My complete store is shown here: mandolin banjo

Copyright 2018, Bradley Laird




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