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Ten gold coins have been placed on random pages here on Browse throughout my website look for a gold coin like this:


When you find a gold coin simply click on it and you'll get a 50% off discount coupon code which can be applied to the purchase of any of my instructional video lessons, eBook or courses. The coupon code must be used before July 31, 2020. The code can be used for any downloadable product in my online store.

To begin hunting for the discount coins just go to the home page and start poking around the site. Good luck and happy treasure hunting. You can listen to this podcast which explains it all:


Hints: There are 10 gold coins located on 10 different pages within the site. Coins are not hidden within videos or PDFs. The coins are placed on random places on the pages. You may find them lurking anywhere on the site! It pays to poke around the site until you find one!



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