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Brad Laird's Mandolin Book and Tools

Tips for Downloading the Books...


If you are having trouble read this:

Most people don't have any problems with the download process but sometimes I get an email from someone who is having trouble, is new to computers, or just gets a little confused. Read this...

1. If you are using an iPad it seems that it is best to download the file to your laptop or desktop and then synch the file to your iPad. I asked my service provider's technical staff why iPad users seem to be the ones who have trouble downloading and here is their response:

"Important note: Download to iPads will not work due to Apple's security policy not allowing 3rd party sites to download content onto devices directly. Buyers need to download your product onto their computers and then synchronize with devices."

I would suggest that iPad users also watch this video:


Also be sure that you have enough free space to store the files. iPads don't have the massively huge hard drive storage that most desktops have so free space can easily be the problem. Here is a link to some information about this from Apple's website: 

2. Many of my ebooks include a folder with audio tracks so the file you get is a .ZIP compressed file. Some browsers, mostly on laptops and desktops, will "un-zip" the file automatically. Sometimes you have to double click the .ZIP file to make it un-zip. Some iPad users have reported to me that they had to download an unzip app in order to do this on the iPad. Here is a link to a free iPad app which will do the job:

3. Regardless of your devise, be sure to allow sufficient time for the download to complete. Some of my products are fairly large (75-150 MB) and that can take some time. Clicking the download button again and again will not rush the process, but does use up your 5 download attempts. I have seen a couple of people who clicked the download link all 5 times in less than 1 minute. A 100MB file can take 10 minutes to download, depending on speed of your connection, internet traffic load, etc.

4. Last thing I want to mention: The eBooks are in PDF format. The best way to read them is using Acrobat Reader, but there are many browser plug-ins and apps that can read them. For example, I use "Preview" on my Mac to read PDFs. The thing I want to point out is this: The audio tracks which are embedded in the pages of the PDF are not playable on ALL pdf readers! But, not to worry! That is why I also include them as a folder full of individual MP3 tracks too. Those can be dropped into iTunes (or any MP3 player) for playing if your PDF reader doesn't do embedded audio.

I wrote all of this to offer some assistance if you are having a problem and I don't happen to be around my computer at the moment to answer your email. If you get stuck please contact me via email and I will do my best to help.


©2015 Bradley Laird
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