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JAM SESSION SURVIVAL KIT Free Chord Progression Cheat Sheets

BLUEGRASS JAM TRACKS My favorites for beginners and intermediate players. Grab the free samples and try them out today.

FREE BANJO LESSONS Bradley Laird's Free Banjo Lesson site is here!

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Stroll around the website and you'll find free beginner mandolin lessons, intermediate lessons, mandolin tablature, 23 free video mandolin lessons, 9 free printable mandolin chord charts, and lots of other resources to help you learn to play the mandolin. Use the menu above to scope out the various materials on the site. This series of mandolin lessons is perfect for homeschoolers, self-directed learners, and people without access to a good mandolin teacher. Happy picking! Bookmark and Share

Featured Free Video Lesson

Double stops are a common mandolin technique which adds depth and harmony to your playing. Here are the basics...

My complete list of video lessons is here.

how to install mandolin bridge

These Beginning Video Lessons have taught 1,000s of people just like you to play mandolin!

I invite you to consider these video lessons. Thousands of people have learned to play using these videos because they really work! Click on the image below to read about them and watch free demos:

Bradley Laird's Beginning Mandolin Video Series

 Getting Started Playing Mandolin

This is a free video lesson I made a few years back that is perfect for people who are picking up a mandolin for the first time. If you like my mandolin lessons check out the complete list of my video lessons here.

mandolin essentials lesson download eBook package


This download lesson package contains 3 eBooks, 36 tracks and 3 video lessons specifically designed for beginners.

This will get your ready for the jam sessions! See everything it contains by clicking this link.


Be sure to check out these Free Mandolin Chord Charts organized by key. For example, if you want to play a song in the Key of G all the chords you will encounter are presented on one page! I have prepared chord chart sheets for all of the 8 most common "bluegrass keys." Those "mega-charts" that list every chord known to man just never made sense to me. I always thought that since chords tend to travel in families (keys) it would make sense to learn them in "sets" which include the chords you are most likely to encounter in those keys.

Here's a little sample of my mandolin playing. It's an oldie but goodie called Whiskey Before Breakfast. To get you started you'll even find a beginning version of this tune, all tabbed out for you to practice, right here on my site.

Here is my pal Buddy Ashmore and me playing a great old tune called Jerusalem Ridge. You can learn to do this!


free mandolin lesson eBook how to change strings

Of course, you should also grab this free eBook which will teach you how to change the strings on your mandolin.

"What is a Pentatonic Scale?" Lesson

Pentatonic scales are the basis for many melodies and very handy when improvising, especially in the bluegrass or rock and blues worlds. If you need help understanding about scales, chords, basic music theory, how to practice effectively, and the always elusive topic of improvising, I suggest you take a look at my book "Mandolin Master Class." Even beginners can get a great head start by studying this book early in the learning process--but it's never too late to get "up to speed", even if you've been pickin' for years!

If you like this site I would appreciate it if you would help me spread the word about it. You can "share the site" by using the "SHARE" tool you'll find here and there throughout the site. Also, if you have any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc. that you'd like to pass along to me just send me an email at the "contact me" link below. Thanks a lot and I hope you have as much fun with the mandolin as I have!


beginner mandolin instruction course pdf download

Brad Laird's Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course

Click here for information about my downloadable PDF eBook which expands on the free lessons here on the site.

Larger tablature, more tunes and chords, printable full page format PLUS AUDIO TRACKS of all of the songs and exercises.


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