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PDF E-Book Information

The original PDF version of the Jam Session Survival Book includes the 100 chord progressions for the most popular bluegrass jam session songs and tunes, formatted two-per-page on 8.5" x 11" pages. I have also created an new, mobile friendly version with all 100 songs.

These cheat sheets can make the difference between being completely lost and actually having some fun picking along at a jam session.

The classic, 8.5" x 11" version makes a nice, neat little book and all you have to do is print it out and take it with you to your next jam session. You can easily punch them and put them in a binder or take to your local copy shop and have them GBC bound.

The mobile version is even easier. Just download it to your computer, copy it to your mobile device (iBooks is great for that!) and carry it with you. Heck, you carry that thing around with you all the time anyway, right?


jam session survival book by bradley laird

Buy Now

Less than the price of a set of strings at only $5!

All 100 chord progressions in an 8.5" x 11" pdf format. Great for printing out and carrying to a jam session.



jam session survival mobile edition

Buy Now

Less than the price of a biscuit and coffee at only $5!

All 100 chord progressions in a pdf file customized for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

These are chords to the top 100 most played jam session tunes!

The chord progressions are in a large enough print that you will be able to easily read them and most of the tunes are presented in more than one key.

This collection of chord progressions is an ideal gift to stick in the hand of that rock and roll guy you are trying to convince to come with you to a bluegrass festival. It is perfect for giving to your not so enthusiastic wife you are trying to convince to play upright bass. It is great for giving to your kids you are trying to brainwash into playing bluegrass with you.

There are lots of folks I have met who have spent more than this for the pick they are using! And in many cases they would have played better and had more fun if they had bought a copy of this book.

The PDF file includes the chord progressions which are played with the following 100 tunes and songs. I literally went to dozens of jam sessions and wrote down all of the tunes which were played! There is enough material for a good five-hour jam session, and all of the more experienced players will know all of these tunes.

All of the chord progressions are written out in the MOST COMMON keys you'll encounter in the real world of jamming! Instrumentals are written in the key the are usually played in and many of the vocals are written in multiple keys.

When you take this to the next jam session watch how many people look over your shoulder and ask you where you got that book!

Thank you and have fun jamming!

Bradley Laird

P.S. If you need free lessons on how to play these chords on banjo, mandolin or guitar, just head over to my free lessons. There are links directly to the free chord charts at the top of this page.

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