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Brad Laird's Bluegrass Banjo Lessons Dojo

The Complete Banjo Learning System

easy to pick banjo tabs

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banjo instruction course

flint hill scrolls

easy banjo tabs

jam session survival

banjo endings course

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All 5 eBooks + 91 Audio MP3 Tracks

The Complete Banjo Learning System

Written by Bradley Laird.

If you want to save a lot of dough and get your banjo playing off the ground in a hurry, consider getting the complete system and you'll save $$$.

You will get all of this:

Banjo Instruction Course + 41 MP3 tracks ($15 value)

Easy to Pick Banjo Tabs + 10 MP3 tracks ($10 value)

The Flint Hill Scrolls - Forbidden Book of Banjo Knowledge ($15 value)

FREE BONUS Banjo Chord Workshop Video and 3 page PDF "handout". (This is included with The Flint Hill Scrolls.) I cannot place a dollar value on this video. For some it will be in the hundreds of thousands. I can tell you that I was paid $150 to present it if that helps. Let's call it a $10 value.

FREE BONUS The Jam Session Survival book- Don't be lost at the next jam session. ($5 value)

FREE BONUS The Short Course in Wild & Weird Banjo Endings- Jazz 'em with some fancy endings after your version of Cripple Creek. Earn big tips! 16 pages + 16 MP3 tracks. ($8 value)

FREE BONUS 24 Digital MP3 Metronome Tracks - Practice right and get your timing straightened out! ($10 value)

Note: I never studied Marketing in college. I just realized that I have more free bonuses than "regular" product. Oh well, I do think like a banjo player after all. Enjoy the benefits of my insanity!

And you don't have to sit around waiting for the UPS guy to deliver them since you download the PDFs & tracks directly to your own computer. (You can print them out on your own printer if you like.)

The material in this complete system is equal to a year of weekly banjo lessons with a good private instructor. That would cost you $1,040 (at $20 a lesson) and you are destined to forget most of what the teacher shows you before you get home. The money you save could buy you a really nice new banjo!

Save $33 When You Order This Download Package.

$73+ Value for Only $40!

5 PDF books + Workshop Video + 91 MP3 tracks:

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Note: This is a fairly large download so be sure to allow sufficient time for the files to transfer. I strongly suggest that you use a normal laptop or desktop computer to download this product. Tablets and mobile devices are tricky.




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