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Brad Laird's Bluegrass Banjo Lessons Dojo

The complete beginning banjo course!

Brad Laird Banjo Instruction for Beginners

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This is the follow-up book to the free lessons you find on the website.

The download also includes illustrated instructions on how to change your banjo strings, how to adjust the action yourself, and how to position the bridge in the right location so that your banjo plays in tune. That section alone is worth more than the price of the book! You'll sound better and your banjo will be easier to play!

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For more songs to play pick up a copy of this:

easy to pick banjo tabs


Unlock the hidden secrets of your banjo:

easy to pick banjo tabs



The DIGITAL Banjo Instruction Course (PDF eBook & MP3 Tracks)

Written by Bradley Laird.

This e-book is an extension of the free bluegrass banjo lessons you find on Brad's website. Originally written specifically for Brad's own banjo students, you can now get the complete beginner course as a PDF download.

Make your lessons portable by getting the entire course in a PDF format you can carry around on your iPad, use even when not online, or print it out.

If you have been enjoying the free bluegrass banjo lessons on Brad Laird's website, this is the obvious next step! The free lessons online get you halfway there. The complete downloadable course includes even more material! Here is a complete list of contents included in the course:

  • Cripple Creek
  • Cumberland Gap
  • Boil Them Cabbage Down
  • Worried Man Blues
  • Little Maggie
  • Lonesome Road Blues
  • Moving Up The Neck
  • Moving the D Position
  • Little Maggie (Up the Neck)
  • The Choke
  • Lonesome Road Blues (Up the Neck)
  • Backup Playing
  • Vamping the Offbeat
  • Pig In The Pen
  • Train 45
  • Bridge Location
  • Changing Strings
  • Adjusting String Height
  • Adjusting String Nut
  • The Truss Rod
  • Tightening the Head

*Additional material not found on the website is bold.

You'll go from this all the way to this... in one set of lessons! With a little practice, of course. It's all in there!

All of the songs and exercises have been re-typset in a full 8.5" x 11" format for easier reading and printing. Click here to see a sample page.

The book also includes more tab and information about playing chords and backup so you can play along with hundreds of other songs. The course also includes a guide to basic banjo maintentance with information about how to set your bridge location so your banjo plays in tune, how to change strings, how to adjust string head, and how to tighten the head.

These are the exact lessons which Brad uses with his private lesson students!

The 41 audio tracks which accompany the course are embedded in the PDF eBook file and are also supplied as individual MP3 tracks which you can load into iTunes or any other audio player.

Printable 40 page PDF file format eBook with 41 MP3 tracks, 109.8 MB file size.

Only $15 (Immediate delivery via internet.) You probably paid more than that for your banjo picks!

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