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Complete Beginning Dulcimer Course with MP3 Tracks

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This is the follow-up Ebook to the free lessons you find on the website.

It contains all of the material from my site and a whole lot more, including audio tracks so you can hear how everything should sound.

And, the price is right! Certain (un-named) coffee establishments charge more for a cup of fancy java and a bagel. That breakfast will be forgotten by lunchtime but you can play your dulcimer for the rest of your life. Nice!

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The DIGITAL Dulcimer Instruction Course (PDF eBook & MP3 Tracks)

Written by Bradley Laird

This e-book is a 36 page PDF lesson course for learning to play the Appalachian Dulcimer. The lessons will take you from the basics of tuning to playing 10 songs.

Included with the e-book are 17 MP3 audio tracks which demonstrate every song in the course and provide tuning tracks too!

All of the music is written in tablature for dulcimer which is fully explained in the course.

If you have been enjoying the free dulcimer lessons on my website, this is the obvious next step! The complete downloadable course includes even more material!

Here is a complete list of songs included in the course:

  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody
  • Old MacDonald
  • Comin' Round The Mountain*
  • What A Friend We Have in Jesus*
  • Auld Lang Syne*
  • Amazing Grace*
  • Old Joe Clark*
  • Soldier's Joy*
  • Shady Grove*
  • Worried Man Blues - finger picking style*
  • Shady Grove - finger picking style*

*Additional material not found on the website.

All of the songs and exercises have been typset in a full 8.5" x 11" format for easier reading or printing.

Click here to see a sample page.

The 17 audio tracks which accompany the course are embedded in the PDF eBook file and are also supplied as individual MP3 tracks which you can load into iTunes or any other audio player.

Printable 36 page PDF file format eBook with 17 MP3 tracks, 45.9 MB file size.

Only $10 Your purchase, in addition to teaching you to play your dulcimer, will buy me a cup of coffee and the cats get another sack of food. Yes, that's really the sort of thing I do with the massive wealth I accumulate by helping other folks learn to make music. My banjo books keep the dog fed.

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